Sell your Boat

Time to upgrade, downsize or just sell? Family Boats operate a comprehensive sell on behalf sales platform where:

  • Your boat is displayed both on our yard (over 100,000 vehicles passing our location per day and substantial foot traffic through our yard and showroom), online via Trade Me/Family Boats website and where appropriate on social media.
  • We offer finance and insurance packages to assist the sale of your boat
  • We offer warranties on all boats sold
  • We fully appraise your boat on arrival including engine and trailer checks and recommend any necessary work to be completed at at discounted rate (appraisal fee of $259.00 payable upfront and workshop labour/parts as necessary)
  • We offer professional grooming services where required (full groom, cut/polish services available - cost depending on extent of clean, to be confirmed with you prior to work being completed) 
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Message Sent.

Notes regarding on behalf sales:

Please send 6-7 images of your boat when submitting this form to showing:

  1. Overall image of boat (side on)
  2. Overall image of interior
  3. Cabin areas if applicable
  4. Dash board image showing electronics etc 
  5. Transom area
  6. Trailer
  7. Any damage or notable wear and tear

  • We will be in touch via email with an estimated market value and net figure in your hand subject to mechanical appraisal and a full copy of our on behalf sale agreement for signing.
  • Payments will be made to the vendor as follows: A minimum 15% deposit on confirmed unconditional sale and purchase agreement followed by payment in full within 30 calendar days of delivery to ensure no underlying issues are present in the hull/trailer/engine that have not been disclosed to Family Boats. 
  • Comprehensive insurance should be maintained over the boat at all times whilst on Family Boats premises.


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