Aurora Alumetron 450mL



Alumetron is a clear polymer coating that protects raw, anodized and cast aluminum against oxidation, tarnish, staining, corrosion, pitting, salt spray, road film, acid rain and environmental damage. It’s so tough that it will stand up to constant fresh and salt water immersion and still keep aluminum pontoons and boat hulls looking shiny and new all season long. 

It will protect trailered pontoons, fence rails, wakeboard and fishing towers, outriggers and sail rigging against corrosion and pitting for up to 5 years. Alumetron is unique because it bonds chemically as well as mechanically to aluminum, making it superior to any other aluminum coating. 

It’s water based and does not contain the many toxic chemicals and solvents associated with other coatings. It’s easy to apply by wiping and inevitable scuffs and scratches can easily be retouched during the year.

SKU: NAU01260-1

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