• Excellent adhesive qualities – forms a tough coat for long-term protection
  • Easy application – high film build in one step
  • Heavy-duty – resistant to salt corrosion, water and heat. Powerful protection in harsh conditions
  • High heat resistance – up to 500°C
  • Fast drying – touch dry in 20 minutes, re-coat at any stage, full cure in 24 hours

  • Please be aware, this product is considered a dangerous good and the amount able to be purchased may be restricted. 
  • Loading and transportation requirements apply to you when purchasing or collecting this product.
  • CRC Zinc It offers the same advantages as hot-dip galvanising by forming a highly-protective coating with 95% highest purity zinc on bare steel or iron surfaces. 
  • It is ideal for repairing damaged galvanised surfaces or as a convenient and easy-to-apply alternative if hot-dip galvanising is not available.
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