MotoBatt 310CCA AGM Battery



The Motobatt range of AGM batteries offer higher amp hour ratings. They can handle repetitive starting without draining or causing long term damage. Motobatt's AGM technology offers very low self discharge, Motobatt claim this to be less than 3% per month.

Motobatt's AGM ensures their batteries are maintenance free their unique 4 terminal design will allow the battery to be fit to several different models, replacing numerous conventional style battery types.

Suits use for Motorcycle, ATV, Jet Ski & Snow Mobile.

Suits Yamaha WaveRunners.


  • Length (mm): 175
  • Width (mm): 87
  • Height (mm): 155
  • Voltage: 12
  • CCA: 310
  • Ahrs 20: 21
  • Terminals: 4
  • Weight (Kg): 7
  • Technology: AGM
  • Warranty: 12 month full replacement

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