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Connelly Quick Connector



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Do you own a tow tube that has a webbing loop for hook-ups and are tired of the hassle of rigging it to your tow rope? 

Eliminate the problem with Connelly's Tube Quick Connector. The quick-connector comes with a 12" (30.5cm) industrial webbing with box stitched Delrin quick connect attached. 

Easy to mount on inflatable tow tube and will get you riding out on the water faster and make hook-ups and disconnects a snap.


  • For Tubes with Only Webbing Loop
  • No-Hassle Rigging Tow Rope
  • 12" (30.5cm) Industrial Webbing
  • Box Stitched Delrin Quick Connect Attachment
  • Provides Fast and Easy Hook-Ups and Disconnects

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