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Connelly Tracer Wakesurf



Connelly's latest skim board was built for skilled technical riders or those who enjoy to spin 360s like a top. Built specifically for advanced riders, the Tracer’s round tail shape, full pad, and natural skim design will have you spinning like a cyclone. Just try not to get too dizzy.


  • New for 2022
  • Aggressive pro model skim design
  • EPS foam core w/5mm stringer
  • Carbon/Innegra tail patch
  • Full EVA pad
  • One 1.75” Skim fin

Hand Glassed Construction

  • A lightweight EPS Foam Core wrapped in multiple fiberglass layers and combined with Carbon Innegra and tape for strength, durability, and response. These boards are the lightest, fastest, and most aggressive in the lineup.

360 Approved

  • The loose skate-inspired aspects of this board will have you adding spins, ollies, and shuvits to your trick repertoire.

Skim Style

  • A skateboard on the water, skim style boards are playful and slippery on the water, ideal for surface spins.

Single Fin

  • For those that like to play it fast and loose. This setup releases super easy making tricks like spinning and ollies easy to initiate.


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