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MudX Vehicle Wash Clearview



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MudX is a hydrophobic solution formulated and manufactured in Australia by an Australian chemist to suit the harsh Australian elements. MudX is designed to literally breakdown the mud and dirt making cleaning easier before washing away as you hose off.

It’s PH Neutral, non-hazardous and is ceramic based meaning your paint surface will be protected for much longer.

To avoid any streaking make sure all solution is hosed off and if you’re up to it, a quick chamois will leave your pride and joy looking like she just came out of the showroom.


  • Ideal for vehicles, RV’s, buses, motor homes, caravans, motorbikes, side by sides
  • PH neutral
  • Non hazardous
  • Ceramic based leaving a protective film over the top of the paint
  • Protects paint
  • Brakes down dirt and grim
  • Hose off with water


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