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For the pure convenience of making boating easier and more enjoyable.

A floating dock system makes launching, retrieving and storing your jetski/boat easy and helps save your craft from undue wear and tear.

Well suited for use at marinas, canals and waterways.


Connect-a-Dock (also known as Dandy Dock) provides an easy floating dock for your WaveRunner/PWC/jetski or small boat.

Connect-a-Dock's ultra-touch polyethylene construction provides longevity & durability, whilst its multi bow and keel rollers make launching and retrieving even easier.


JetDock offers the best in boat lifts and dock solutions, whether you're looking to lift a WaveRunner/PWC/jetski, small boat or large performance boat. Their patented lift design allows easily drive on and drive off docking, making your trip on the water one to enjoy!

The JetDock modular system can be configured for a range of docking situations and crafts. It's stable to walk around, giving easy access to your boat or jetski, and providing plenty of room for cleaning and maintenance. It's easy to drive on and slide off, and a patented Z pulley winch option is available if needed to help with launching and retrieving.


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