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Northstar is an integrated manufacturer of RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) and Special Purpose Boats which is organized under Marintek Group’s Ribtech Company. Initially organized under Marintek brand in 1997, Northstar brand was adopted in 2002 for an entirely new product range and is the only serial manufacturer of RIBs at 8000sqm production field located in Izmir, Turkey.

Quality, durability ,safety and comfort are the key elements of any Northstar RIB utilizing composite techniques such as LRTM, RTM, infusion as well as hand lay up methods. Tubes for our RIBs’ are typically made with CSM coated (Hypalon) special fabrics and can also be made with PU coated fabrics upon requests.

In all Northstar Models, Innovation, quality and performance are integrated within the luxury, comfort, hydrodynamics and excellence.


Northstar Axis Tenders have been developed to answer all the critical needs for a functional, ergonomic, and performing yacht tender. Benefiting from Delta-lift hull shape with integrated delta tabs aft, all AXIS Tenders plane very easily and ride dry. 


Orion RIBS offer a lot of industry-leading features and come equipped with a long list of standard equipment. All of the Orion series have stepped hulls which provide the ideal combination of efficiency and seakeeping. The Orion 7 and 8 have a console with a chemical head inside. Carrying on the NorthStar tradition of attractive but minimalist designs, Orion will set the new benchmark for mid-range cruising RIBs.


Ion High-Performance RIBs are for those seeking higher cruising speeds while retaining excellent seakeeping characteristics. Designed by Adam Younger, Ion stepped hulls offer the latest in stepped hull geometry.


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