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CRC Marine Grease 397g



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CRC Marine Grease is a tacky blue grease specially formulated for use on boat trailers and other marine equipment. Based on an aluminium complex, and fortified with an advanced additive package, it provides superior adhesion and excellent water shedding properties, resisting water wash out under the most severe water conditions. It protects from corrosion in salt air and water, as well as other corrosive conditions.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Resists water wash out: Ideal for boat trailers and other marine equipment
  • Corrosion protection : Protects from salt air and water and other corrosive conditions
  • Effective in a wide temperature range: From -15°C to +230°C
  • Minimizes expansion or pressure build up in fully packed trailer wheel hubs

For use on all types of boat trailer wheel bearings, water pumps, steering and cable quadrants, 4WD sleeve and anti friction bearings, slides and deck equipment, marine equipment, shaft log seals, steering cables, dockside machinery, turnbuckles and winches  

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