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The Mach 2 Speed Car Wash Towel

Rapid Dry Towels


Wash your car in as little as 60 seconds? Why use traditional inferior wash methods when you can cover more area in a single sweep.

  • Wash large areas in one quick sweep
  • Reach much further than your arm without the need for a handle
  • Machine wash and tumble dry
  • Scratch free extreme quality microfiber 
  • 30 x 60cm

The perfect complement to The Original Rapid Dry Towel. Wash and dry your car in under three minutes.

The Mach 2 Wash Towel is the highest quality microfiber of its type that can be produced. You will be familiar with the look of the fabric as lower quality versions are used for car wash mitts and even bath mats. Like the drying towel, the size of the wash towel has been optimised so that you can use its size to your advantage without it becoming too heavy and cumbersome to use.

Wash a bonnet/hood with two quick swipes of the towel. Because of the surface area you are not risking wiping more grit over the car. You can easily do an SUV’s roof as you can reach so far with due to the length of the towel. The concept is wash more, rinse less.


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