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Connelly Proline LGS Suede Ski Rope Red



The Connelly Proline LGS Suede Package includes a 15" AX Suede handle with EVA core for a comfortable grip and a 75' Dyneema Air line with three 5' sections. 

A minimalist style TPU endcap reduces handle roll and the high durometer EVA coating eliminates knots while being lightweight and buoyant. The 1/4" zero-stretch line provides superior strength and the floating handle and mainline improve safety and visibility.


  • 15” stitched AX Suede with molded EVA core for a tacky grip
  • Minimalist style TPU endcap reduces handle roll
  • 1/4” Zero-stretch Dyneema line for extra strength
  • High durometer EVA coating eliminates knots, lightweight, & buoyant
  • Floating handle and mainline for improved safety and visibility


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