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O'Brien Allstar Combo Skis



When it’s time to teach kids to ski, the All-Star Trainers are the ultimate training tool! Not only do they come with a stabilizer bar to help keep the skis aligned while getting up and riding, they also come with a training rope to make learning easy and safe. Featuring a dual tunnel design for a smooth ride and molded-in fins for maximum control and stability, the All-Star Trainers are the perfect teaching system for getting kids comfortable behind the boat!


  • Length: 46"
  • Removable stabilizer/training bar - Prevents the skis from doing the splits, making them more stable and easier to learn on
  • Trainer rope included - Designed with handles on both ends; short end connects the skier's handle to the stabilizer bar and the long end goes from the bar to the handle in the spotter's hand
  • *Trainer rope should never be attached directly to the boat. The spotter holding the handle should be an adult capable of resisting the force the skier applies to the rope while getting up.
  • Pinch-slide adjustable bindings fits kids size 12 to an adult 5
  • Dual tunnel design enhances control and stability
  • Dual Molded-in fins
  • Maximum rider capacity - 85 lbs


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