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Chubb 1kg Fire Extinguisher



Chubb the name you can trust for fire protection – Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher designed for marine conditions.

These non toxic dry chemical powder extinguishers have been tested to ensure they can suppress different types of fire with quick flame knockdown, indicated by the class rating 1A:10B:E

The A:B:E rated extinguisher can be used on fires involving wood, paper, fabric, carpet, flammable liquid and electrical based fires. This extinguisher is branded Quell a registered trademark of Chubb and complies with the stringent Australian Standards. Chubb extinguishers are warranted against faults in materials and workmanship for six years when installed and maintained by Chubb in accordance with the appropriate Australian and NZ standards.

Most of the standard fire extinguishers on the market incorporate a zinc alum mounting bracket which soon cause messy rust stains in your boat. The Chubb extinguisher is non rusting.


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