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​Yamaha WaveRunners 2024

You’ll always be ready for what’s ahead. No matter what mode you’re in.

Yamaha WaveRunners continue to lead the pack when it comes to big displacement marine engines, with the release of the industry’s first 1.9 Litre naturally aspirated high output engine, delivering quicker acceleration and higher top-end speed in HO models across the FX, GP and VX range.

EX Series 

TAKE ENTRY LEVEL TO THE NEXT LEVEL. Exciting to ride and easy to own, Yamaha’s EX Series WaveRunners are ready to ignite your family fun. The EX Series offers Yamaha’s signature reliability, an award winning TR-1 engine, room for true three-person riding and the largest fuel tank in it's class for a full day of adventure.

VX Series 

MID-SIZED SOPHISTICATION. The VX Series offers an affordable, feature-rich, and versatile package for those that appreciate reliability, quality, and performance, without the luxury price tag.

The 2024 VX series includes the VX Cruiser HO, VX Cruiser and VX Deluxe.
This year’s VX Cruiser HO packs even more punch, incorporating the new 1.9 Litre big horsepower engine and a new intake grate for improved acceleration and top-end speed. 

FX Series 

THE GOLD STANDARD FOR LUXURY. The FX Series has always set the benchmark for luxury, technology and performance. 

FX Cruiser HO and FX HO models have been upgraded with the new 1.9 Litre naturally aspirated high output engine and a new intake grate for improved jet pump efficiency and acceleration. The larger 7-inch Connext touchscreen, previously only available on the FX SVHO models, is now fitted as standard on FX Cruiser HO and FX HO models. FX SVHO models continue to be powered by the supercharged SVHO 1.8L four-cylinder engine delivering awesome performance and proven reliability.


THE #1 CHOICE IN CLOSED COURSE WATERCRAFT RACING. With World Championship winning, race-ready engines and lightweight performance hulls, the GP Series of WaveRunners will ensure you have bragging rights over your mates.

The former 1.8 litre GP1800R HO receives the new, more powerful, 1.9 litre naturally aspirated high output engine and is now known as the GP 19HO. The all-conquering GP1800R – SVHO has also been rebadged as the GP SVHO and once again comes in two race-ready color options.


BORN TO CAUSE A LITTLE CHAOS. With extreme agility and all-round versatility, the Freestyle series puts a unique spin on the way you ride, challenging your skill and athletic abilities.

Choose from the legendary SuperJet Four-Stroke stand-up ski or the thrills-a-minute JetBlaster, which allows you to do moves not possible on any other craft in the WaveRunner lineup.


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